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I'll Never Talk
Erotic Tales of Defiant Men
by Jardonn Smith
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-887895-72-9
The Bishop of Grunewald: A Tale From the Dungeon
by Jardonn Smith
Price: $16.95
Paperback 161 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-70-5
Liquid Delights: Erotic Tales of Wetness
by Jardonn Smith
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 157 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895- 47-7
Strip Him!
by Will Scott
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 173
ISBN: 978-1-887895-96-5
I’ll Never Talk  is a short-story collection of heroic men, of men chained and tormented, but never defeated. From ancient Rome to a modern-day prison, Jardonn puts his men into one hopeless situation after another. They are deprived, beaten and humiliated. They are interrogated for information they will not give. In the end, it is their masculine strength that overwhelms their tormentors, which is as it should be. The male form is a dominating force that can never be broken.
     BE FOREWARNED! These stories depict the glorification of men suffering through torture and violence, sometimes erotic and sometimes not. There may be blood and there may be death, but there will also be love and triumph.

Can love bloom in a dungeon of torment? In Jardonn's The Bishop of Grunewald, anything is possible. Here is a tale of three men put to torture at the hands of a Bishop, a king, and a treacherous woman whose lies spring the plot. But what she doesn't know is that men rule this world, and no female deceit can overcome their masculine strength.

     Also includes the Jardonn short story, Our Betting Game, a tale of two young men who discover one another through their fantasies of the tortured hero.

Harold Macklin is a man tormented by nightly dreams of abduction, of bizarre, liquid-filled tubes and experimentations upon his defenseless body. In Jardonn’s Coming Harvest, Harold is taken to a world where his thoughts determine whether he feels the agonies of torture or the pleasures of     ecstasy. But are his nightmares real or imagined? The mystery is driving him to a madness that could ruin his career, his friendships and his entire life. With the help of a newly-found male companion and his employer-assigned therapist, Harold’s deeply-buried dreams are brought to his consciousness, where perhaps love and analysis can release him.
     Jardonn’s short story, Country Club Swim, finds two young men enjoying a summer’s last hurrah before leaving for college. They sneak into the country club swimming pool for a night-time naked swim, but discover there are other things to do in the water as well. Too bad the night watchman is secretly scrutinizing their every move. 

Strip Him! is based on the suffering of bare chested heroes that Will Scott fascinated about from the inspirational works of Cavello, C. S. White, and Greasetank. The torment of victims in exotic settings is what makes Strip Him! a psychological thriller.  Strip Him! is Will Scotts first and probably not his last collection of BDSM gay stories