The Dark Side: A story of commitment, a life of service
by Pavel Servus
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 163 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-86-8

He has no name.  He has no future, other than that devoted to the long-term service of other men.  He is a slave and now realises that it’s time for him to fill this emotional void in his life.  He had almost given up on finding his Master, the Master he could care for and service, the Master who would be mindful of his wellbeing and arouse his deepest emotional and erotic pleasures by using him physically and sexually.  He is blessed to meet Master Peter and his friends Mark and Ian and through slave training in England and Germany commences the journey towards becoming a complete slave.  He is mercilessly restrained and sexually used, each stage enhancing his commitment and devotion to his Masters.  But his life is thrown into turmoil when he is kidnapped by a slave trader and shipped to a far off land.
     In a desert town in the
Middle East his life enters a world devoid of emotion but full of humiliation, torture and pain.  His misfortunes seem endless as he is passed from one abuser to another.  Amidst the suffering he meets and falls in love with a fellow slave, Dale.  They suffer together and their mutual suffering firms the bonds between them.  In permanent slavery their very survival depends on the affection and support they receive from each other.
     A dramatic rescue releases the pair and the town from the grip of medieval slavery, but reinforces the fact that many are born to be slaves.  Back in
Europe and once again delivered to his Masters, he completes the cycle of devotion to servitude, love and personal fulfilment.