Alex is the pen and play name for a mature Leatherman, who grew up in the north of England and has lived for many years in Southern California.

His boots and leather fetishes go back to his teenage years, but only recently has he started to use them as a spur for stories.

Now semi-retired, he relishes life as an author, a working theatre actor/director, a researcher and a member of several charitable boards. He still enjoys riding occasionally, both Western and English, after many years as an owner.

In between, he explores his wonderful relationship with his partner Hank and the camaraderie and support of friends across the world. He’s still working on improving his Leather topping skills with a number of generous bottoms and has continued practicing with his new single-tail whip. After OBSESSION, the tentative title for the concluding tale of Tarquin and Paul, Alex is thinking of trying another historical BDSM story set in Colonial times in the original colonies and in England. He hopes readers will stick around for this and many more.
The Ironrod Chronicles
by Alex Ironrod
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-887895-25-5
Personal hard BDSM experiences of the author.

The Ironrod Chronicles II
by Alex Ironrod
ISBN: 978-1-887895-48-4

I have been enamored with the stories of Alex Ironrod ever since he first emailed me some of the entries that appear in both volumes of The Ironrod Chronicles. His vivid and kinky imagination roars forth in this second volume of tantalizing deviance. Trust me when I tell you that - from wild west sagas to tales of merry olde England - Master Alex Ironrod's hard handed visions will keep your erotic nights very, very well read.


Submission: Leather Masters and slaves
by Alex Ironrod
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 163 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-36-1

In his usual captivating way, Alex Ironrod has once again found a way to involve the reader deep into the BDSM subculture.
     Tarquin sets out to please an advantageous committee of leather men that Paul finds himself deeply pleased to support. Both Characters learn striking lessons when submitting to powerful desires and stimulating motivators. Each man struggles to maintain a sense of self-worth while satisfying lust-love branded deep beneath a fleshy surface. Packed with alluring scenes of flagrant passion and blood curdling rage, topped with a powerfully unexpected twist you won't anticipate.   



DominatioN - Leather Masters and slaves
by Alex Ironrod
Price: $16.95
Paperback: 174 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934625-75-0

When Masters become slaves, when slaves become Masters...Tarquin Charlton and Paul Everest both rose through the ranks to become the Leathermen they aspired to be. Yet when each finds themselves longing for each other in ways they didn't previously contemplate, how far will they bend? That is the conundrum these two men face in Domination, Alex Ironrod's second full length novel, and the continuation from his highly original Submission.
     Tarquin and Paul must now decide what it means to be in a power-exchange relationship. Will the morals instilled by their Old Guard training hinder their attraction to each other? Can they overcome their natural inclination and orientation to dominate or surrender, even as an act of love? How far can their household expand when their extended families grow into each other? And more importantly, will the Leathersex remain wild, booted, imaginative and steaming hot? (Well, I can at least tell you that Master Alex won't let you down on that last question.)
     Let the heat hit you from the very first pages. Soak up the eroticism that Alex Ironrod has expertly created for you. After all, it doesn't become Domination until you give into it.

Obsession - Leather Masters and slaves
by Alex Ironrod
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 184 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-49-3

There's Submission, then Domination. Where else can it lead but Obsession? The household of Masters Tarquin Charlton and Paul Everest finds their lives turned inside out by a new addition, the strikingly handsome British actor Rufus. The actor has come to Hollywood to star in an action series called Spycatcher, filled with drama, intrigue, sex and adventure...and that's before the cameras even start rolling. Like all the hottest action movies, Obsession raises the temperature with the steamy booted leathersex that Master Alex Ironrod packed into the first two volumes of his Leather Masters and Slaves trilogy. Tarquin and Paul may want to keep Rufus in their household, but once the excitement starts and the boots come off, what will they do when they discover Rufus isn't confining his danger and intrigue to his TV scripts? Sometimes, even the hottest leathermen can't escape their Obsession.....