Michael V. Gleich is a writer that has no one genre. His work includes erotica, mysteries, romance, horror and comedy. When not writing his latest short story, he works on novels. His short works have been published by the Harrington Gay Men’s Literary Quarterly and appeared on websites such as Sexy Sayer and Nifty.org. Michael has also published numerous non-fiction articles for several different websites including Page Wise and Fine Tuning. His articles reflect his expertise in travel, bicycling and surfing. He is a long time member of Writer’s Village University, where he continues to hone his craft.

Sarge and the Sailor Boy
by Michael Gleich
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 161 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-66-0

If you enjoy the gay erotic art work of such artists as, Tom of Finland, you will love reading about the characters in Sarge and the Sailor Boy. These well built cops, marines, sailors, construction workers, dock workers and firemen, pop from the page and perform for you with non-stop action.

Hard drinking men, horse-hung with buff bodies hang out at Madam Woo’s, a tavern on a seedy wharf that caters to their special needs. And these men need only one thing. Sex every which way they can get it.