G.W. Leatherman Parks has been a Leatherman for over thirty years. He is a proud member of the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago and writes frequently for FLAGSHIP, the newsletter of Fits Like a Glove. He has also been published in Drummer and Cuir: For LeatherMen by LeatherMen. He is a collector of vintage Leather, Leather artwork and photography.

A Harvest of G.O.L.D.: Leather Bikers On The Prowl
by G.W. Leatherman PARKS
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 159 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-54-7

Roaring down the highway on their cycles, the men of G.O.L.D. are a fearsome bunch. Clad in heavy Leather motorcycle jackets, studded gloves, pants with bulging crotches, and shitkicking boots, the Gods of Leather Discipline are on the prowl for their annual harvest of young men. Potential candidates are being sought as submissives for their personal pleasures. The Club members are cruising bars, prowling in alleys, and even snatching handsome young men out of a cop car or from a front yard. Hitchhikers and hustlers beware- after initially struggling with them, you might find yourself tied to a post at the Club, naked, ready to receive a cock up your ass or down your throat. Willing or unwilling, the successful candidate must pass the four nights of endurance which intimately involve a boy's worthy talents.
     G.W. Leatherman Parks takes you into the G.O.L.D. Clubhouse for a night-by-night description of the activities which follow the journey of seven young subs and their twelve Sirs. If you're a submissive, would you survive the initiation rites, only to be further educated by a hot LeatherMaster? Test your endurance in this novel of hot Leather action filled with rockhard cocks, cumfilled asses, and hungry mouths.

Leather Nazis
by G.W. Leatherman Parks
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 158 pages
ISBN:  978-1-935509-52-3

Gunther Meissner entered Der Fuehrer's Army to win the approval of his Father, a high-ranking officer of the S.S. Meissner's meteoric rise through the ranks, with the help of his Commandant Karl Roebling, was soon rewarded. He traded in his woolen uniform for a black Leather uniform like that worn by the Commandant. Gunther wore his uniform proudly, commanding respect and fear. His tall, spit-shined boots were useful to kick someone when they got in his way. Black Leather gloves useful for slapping a boy's face when he was out of line. Black Leather gloves so supple you could see the flexed knuckles of his hand which held a black Leather riding crop. A Muir cap with the proud emblem of the Nazi regime emblazoned on the front. Viewers saw the cap before he revealed his emotionless steel blue eyes, brought to life only when he was engaged in sadistic activity. "Take anything you want. You are a member of the most powerful nation on the earth. You are an inheritor of the regime. You are a member of the Aryan nation," Meissner rationalized.
     In this work of erotic Leather fiction, follow the sadomasochistic adventures of Nazi Commandants Gunther Meissner and Karl Roebling as they take what they feel rightfully belongs to them- the tender asses and willing mouths of Aryan youth, a handsome American P.O.W. or German prisoners brought in for questioning. As the War progresses, their reputation among the Allied Forces is one of brutality and both are listed on a War Crimes roster while the self-proclaimed cleanser of the Nazi regime Heinrich Himmler pursues them for their homomasculine activities. Do the Nazi Leathermen survive the War or are they brutalized while the prisoners of the Allies? Or executed by Himmler for their seeming indifference to the 'moral' laws of the land?
     Regardless whether the Leatherman is a biker in a cycle jacket, a cop in spitshined boots, or a Nazi in full black uniform, G.W. Leatherman PARKS has captured in this work the natural superiority of men in black Leather who are to be respected, feared, and worshipped. 

by G.W. Leatherman Parks
Price: $17.95
Paperback: 165 pages
ISBN: 978-1-935509-46-2

A man in full-black Leather quickly restrains your hands behind your back and leads you to his private dungeon. At first you struggle against his iron grip, but finally realize that you must submit to his sadomasochistic torture. By the end of the session, you are fully his submissive boy, eager to please him. In this volume, you will find stories that will realize your long-suppressed fantasies, awakening your unspoken desires. Does your fantasy revolve around a cowboy in asstight jeans and chaps? Or perhaps a cop in blue uniform and knee-high, spitshined boots? Perhaps aboard a 19th century sailing vessel with a handsome Captain in crotch-tight pants with you as his favored cabin boy? Have you ever thought of kidnapping your boss and working him over? Seducing an innocent young man or a muscular Marine in a smoky bar?
     In this anthology, G.W. Leatherman Parks brings your fantasies to print. With twenty stories, this one-handed reading will get your juices flowing, turn your crank, or stiffen your rod. Imagine yourself as the captor or the captive, black Leather fueling the session into a climax of fuckfest and mancum.